Yuh-Yuh Li, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office: GE3008

Telephone: 5252000 ext 5855

E-mail: Yuhyl1210@gmail.com

Ph.D in Ohio State University

  1. Visiting Scholar, London School of Economic and Political Science LSE (2012/9-10)
  2. Visiting Scholar, London School of Economic and Political Science LSE (2013/6-7)
  3. Visiting Scholar, London School of Economic and Political Science LSE (2014/6-7)
  4. Present Research Fellow of Center for Promoting Civic Literacy (2011-)
  5. Present Adjunct Assistant Professor of Center for General Education (2014-)
  6. Assistant Researcher of Center for General Education (2015-)

Environmental Sociology, Public Engagement with Science, Community Development, Social Research Method

Climate Change and Adaptation, Ocean Literacy and Ocean Sustainability

  Working Research

  1. Mobilisation for public Engagement, Taiwan: This is an approval project of the investigation of Public Engagement for RIs in Taiwan and also working internationally with MORE-PE Project (conducted by Dr. Marta Entradas (Portugal) and Dr. Martin Bauer(UK)).
  2. Social force study of science and technology: This is an international collaborative project between Taiwan and Bulgaria in the examination of the relationship between the structure of science and societal structure of GDP/Democracy and also working with Dr. Martin Bauer(UK) and Dr. Kristina Petkova (Bulgaria).
  3. International comparison study of museum impacts: This is a research working with Dr. John Falk (USA) and Dr.Paichi Pat Shein (Taiwan) of the impacts of museum through the analysis a cross contextual data of 10 museums around the world.
  4. Fundamental attitude of science and technology project: This is a four countries’ comparison of public understanding of science and technology and also working with Dr. M.W. Bauer (UK), Dr. B.A. Falade (Nigeria), and Dr. A.G. Jonsdottir (Iceland).

  1. Paichi Pat Shein, Yuh-Yuh Li* (2015). The four cultures: public engagement with science only, art only, neither, or both museums.   Public Understanding of Science. doi:10.1177/0963662515602848 ( SSCI). (通訊作者)
  2. Paichi Pat Shein,Yuh-Yuh Li,Tai-Chu Huang (2014). Relationship between scientific knowledge and fortune-telling .
      Public Understanding of Science.
    23(7), 780-796.( SSCI).
  3. 葉雯霞、李育諭、孫國瑋。(2014)。DISC大學生領導類型量表適用性之研究。科學與人文研究。3卷1期,1-14。

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