Chi-I Lin, Associate Professor

Office: GE5018

Telephone: 5252000 ext 5868


on Royal Mile

PhD, English Literature, University of Edinburgh, UK

  1. Excellent Course Award: Approaching Shakespeare: On Page and on Stage, Sustainable Oceans
  2. Director, Division of Student Exchage, Office of International Affairs, NSYSU (2012/08~2014/07)
  3. Mylnes Court, House Assistant, University of Edinburgh (2006/09~2008/01)
  4. Adjunct Lecturer, National Cheng Kung University (1999/02~2004/07)

Literary criticism, Shakespeare studies, marine education, interdisciplinary learning, environmental and sustainability education

Approaching Shakespeare: On Page and on Stage; Sustainable Oceans: An Eco-dialogue between Marine Literature and Marine Science; Studying Literature; Modern Chinese and Western Literature; Guide Appreciation of Arts; Experiencing Arts via Chi Mei Museum; Training in Museum Organization at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts; International Buddy Program and Service Learning

  1. Exploring the Development of College Students’ Situational Interest in Learning Science (NSC99-2511-S-110-001-MY3).
  2. An Evaluation of Undergraduate Students’ Conceptions, Awareness and Responsibility with regard to Ocean Sustainability: Auto-Photography and the Interdisciplinary Study of Sustainable Oceans (MOST 103-2511-S-110-003-).
  3. An Evaluation of Undergraduate Students’ Interdisciplinary Learning Outcome with regard to Ocean Sustainability Literacy: Exploring the Ocean Sustainability Education Model (MOST 104-2511-S-110-012-MY2).
  4. eLife of Animals: Project of promoting animal and environmental science education through integrating Chimei Museum and community resources (MOST 105-2515-S-110-001 -)

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  2.  Lin, C.I. (2017). Reading the past for the future: Exploring undergraduate students’ environmental consciousness through a place-based ecocritical approach of using Shakespeare’s plays.Journal of General Education: Concept and Practice, 5(1)111-136
  3. Lin, Chi-I. (2017). “Empress and Temptress: the construction and constriction of writing Cleopatra in Mary Sidney’s Tragedy of Antonie and Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.” Le Comparatisme comme approche critique/Comparative Literature as a Critical Approach. Anne Tomiche (Ed.). Paris: Classiques Garnier. (in preparation).
  4. Lin, Chi-I. (2015). Integrating Humanities and Scientific Thinking in Cultivating Civic Literacy: Interdisciplinary Teaching and Course Design. Shu-ing Shyu (Ed.). Civil Literarcy: Cross-Boundaries. Kaohsiung: National Sun Yat-sen UP. (paper accepted, in preparation).
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