Center for General Education
National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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The Center for General Education was established in 2003, by merging The Division of General Studies and the General Education Center in the Office of Academic Affairs. At present there are three divisions in the Center:

  • Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Education
  • Division of Natural and Applied Sciences Education
  • Division of Physical, Health and Service Learning Education

The vision of the Center is not only to nurture students' existing talents and equip them with many practical skills, it is also intended to inspire in them a high sense of morality, and a heartfelt concern for human beings and the environment. The Center aims to balance students' professionalism and human values, stimulate students creativity, and emphasize all the goals of the University: The Enhancement of Academic Professionalism, The Inculcation of the Spirit of Humanism, The Pursuit of Unlimited Creativity and Innovation, The Cultivation of Global Perspectives, The Balanced Promotion in All-around Education.

To achieve these goals, the Center for General Education offers various programs, including professional courses, invited lectures, performance of fine arts, social activities, sports and games, cultural events, as well as many other learning opportunities.

Students are expected to become social elites and leaders for society by acquiring the following capabilities through our programs:

  • Good language skills (Chinese, English and other foreign languages) for efficient communication.
  • Skills and attitudes for becoming a responsible modern citizen.
  • General interest in literature and fine arts.
  • Respect for life and a deep sense of ethics.
  • Background knowledge in science, technologies and humanities.
  • Willingness to offer service and help to society and others.

The curriculum offered by the Center consists of four parts: language courses, courses for Liberal education, Sun Yat-sen General Education Lecture Series and practice courses.

The language courses contain Chinese and English lessons. The courses for Liberal education contain fifteen core courses of Liberal arts and sciences. These courses are arranged into three areas: 1) Liberal and Arts - including Modern Chinese and Western Literature, Early and Modern Civilization in History, Introduction to The Confucian-Taoist and The Western Thoughts, Introduction to the Arts and Appreciation, Religion and Human Values, etc.; 2) Social Studies - including Social Science I: Sociology and Psychology, Social Science Ⅱ : Politics and Economy, Democracy and Constitutional Institution, Leadership and Communications, Creativity and Innovation, etc.; 3) Natural and Applied sciences - including Matter Sciences, Life Sciences, Fundamentals of Earth Science, Mathematical Analysis, Marine Sciences, etc.

In addition, forums and dialogues with renowned scholars and celebrities are offered in various fields in the Sun Yat-sen General Education Lecture Series. The Center also offers practice courses including Sports and Health, Volunteer Services and Electives of non-credit courses relevant to time management, career planning, ethics, life etiquette & aesthesis, human relations, emotional management, etc.
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